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What your flight crew wants you to know

Travel in the year 2020 looks....

a little different; literally, we're wearing masks (maybe you won't smell the person in the row behind you now?), sanitizing until our hands are raw (moisturize all. day. friends), and moving further and further into contactless transactions at all points of sale and transfer of goods/services. I've spoken to some of my friends in the transportation industry, specifically a commercial airline pilot and a flight attendant, both from major airlines (I am keeping them and their airline private for the obvious reasons) to get a better idea from them how we as passengers, consumers, and fellow human beings trying to get through the dumpster fire that is 2020 can help make the flight experience more smooth and pleasant for flight crew, fellow passengers, and yourself. So, buckle your seatbelt and put your tray table in the upright position, and pay attention to your flight crew... we're ready for takeoff!

I asked my friend L., a flight attendant, what she would love to tell people about flying in 2020/during this pandemic, and here are some of the things she had to say!

1.) Be nice to us, a lot of us have friends losing their jobs and (we)are uncertain about our own.

2.) We don’t make the decisions on how the airlines operate, we just have to implement them.

3.) If you’re freaked out about being in close proximity to others right now, airplane travel isn’t for you.

4.) Don’t take it out on us that options are limited in the airport/airplanes. We’re doing the best we can!


I also spoke with my friend B., a pilot at a major US airline, and here's what he had to say:

I would say that people just need to remember that times aren’t what they use to be. Airlines are requiring passengers to do things we didn’t have to do pre-COVID.

-So wearing a face covering over the nose and mouth (no face masks with a vent), making sure you continue to wash your hands regularly, carry hand sanitizer with you, etc. are all things that people need to be mindful about.

-At the airline that I work for we are requiring the face covering (that doesn’t have a vent on it), we have medical grade HEPA air filters onboard the aircraft, we provide alcohol hand wipes as you enter the aircraft so you can wipe down any areas in your surroundings that you’d like, between each flight we sanitize each and every seat, tray table, headrest, and we electrostatically spray the entire aircraft cabin as an extra precaution.

-If one person doesn’t want to listen to the instruction of the flight crew they will remove that person from the flight. Period.

-I should add in there that due to the pandemic and

everyone being afraid to fly, they have furloughed (laid off) me and 2,800 other pilots as of Oct. 1st.

Well, there you have it friends, from the mouths of your flight crew; Please be patient and kind, and follow directed safety protocols. It could be the difference between a great flight experience and not having one...

Travel Well <3

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