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Magical Moments you didn't know about!

You've got your park tickets and reservations, you set your dining reservations, and you set up Memory Maker for the trip; you've got it all covered, right? WELL... there may be some extra special experiences you didn't think about. Don't stress, I've put together a list here for you of some of the extra magical experiences you didn't think about adding to your trip, that just may be the moment that becomes your favorite!

Harmony Barber Shop (Temporarily Closed)

Whether you're traveling with adults, kids, or your newest little bundle of joy, this classic Barber Shop is a special moment for anyone! Located to the left of Main Street USA (if you're not humming that to the tune from the trolly crew you're lying) between the Firehouse and the Emporium, Harmony Barber Shop is operated by licensed Cosmetologists and operates on it's own hours inside of theme park hours- not affected by extra magic hours when available. This simple, yet unique experience consists of a Cut and Simple Style for Adults ($19+ tax) or Children ($18+ tax); this does not include a shampoo so make sure to arrive to your appointment (recommended) with clean hair. Looking for an EXTRA special experience? You can set up a My First Haircut appointment for your little one! Complete with a Cut, Mickey Ears hat, Keepsake Hair locke, and Commemorative Certificate, this $25 experience could make your little's first trip to Walt Disney World the most magical one ever!

Pony Rides at Fort Wilderness

Looking to get in touch with your little ones' "Wild Side"? The Campsites at Fort Wilderness Resort offer Pony Rides at Tri-Circle- D Ranch daily for cowpokes aged 2 and up that are under 80lbs and no taller than 48in that are able to hang on to the saddle them selves. These Parent led ponies will give your child a unique experience that many others will not have had at Walt Disney World. NO Reservations required means you can pop in on your break from the parks, or on your "off" or travel days! Hours are currently 10am - 3pm and rides are priced at $8 per person.

Horseback Riding

Also Located at The Campsites at Fort Wilderness Resort: Tri-Circle- D Ranch, guests ages 9 years and up can go for a 45 minute trail ride. Riders must be taller than 48in and weigh under 250lbs and wearing Closed Toe shoes (reminder for those of you who like to kick it in sandals). Reservations are recommended for this experience, but not required. Priced at $55 per person, this magical moment does add to your trip cost, but it is absolutely a unique one! These trail rides are appropriate for beginner or intermediate riders and will explore the relaxing scenery of the woodlands surrounding the Cabins and Campsites of Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.

Fantasia Gardens & Fairways Miniature Golf

As much as we all know the main focus of your trip to Walt Disney World is your days in the parks, there is more magic waiting just around the... RESORTS! Located at the Swan Hotel, Fantasia Gardens and Fiarways Mini Golf courses are a great way to add some low key fun to your trip. With two unique courses, this off day receation has a great option for the whole family! Priced at $14 per adult and $12 per child (3-9years old) this is also a great economical option for enjoying your day! PRO TIP: If you've purchased a vacation package to stay and play at Walt Disney World, you may have received a Magical Extras Card that gives you one free round of mini golf! Reserve you space or walk on in!

Fantasia Gardens: This course is perfect for families and beginner golfers; themed to the iconic Fantasia with larger than life scence and statuetts these simple hole sets will bring you fun for all.

Fantasia Fairways: This course is for the mini-golfer who likes a challange, or the golfer needing to get in some skill practice! With 18 holes that are designed to act like a full size course, you will find sand traps, bunkers, water hazards, and slopes to amp up the anty. An aesthetic plus to this location is the jaw dropping view of the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios!


That's right! You can make even the most outdoorsy member of your travel group happy at Walt Disney World! Presented by TakeMeFishing.org, there are multiple guided fishing excursions available to experience at the various water ways across the Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts! All excursions will be catch and release for Largemouth Bass - based off of their activity it's best to reserve your times for either early morning or later in the evening! Prices for this experience do vary, but not to worry... your price will include all gear needed, including rod and reel, artificial lures, live bait, and non-alcoholic beverages; additionally guests 13 years and younger will be provided a life jacket - all ages are encouraged to wear them. Just bring your hat/sunglasses, sunscreen, and your positive energy and you will be ready to go!

Hair cuts, Horses, Fishing, and Golf - Who knew you could do so much more than rides and shows on your vacation to Disney?! Now this is just a small sample of the unique experiences you probably didn't know you could have at Walt Disney World, and there's so much more waiting for you to explore! Next on the list, Disney Springs- Stay tuned for my next post of Magical Moments you didn't know about!

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