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Traveling Green : Swaps to Promote Sustainability

Traveling can often mean a lot of single use products, waste, and a larger than usual carbon footprint. Here's a few reusable products* and green "hacks" you can choose to help you travel more sustainably!

Silicone Water bottle:

This Collapsible option has a large capacity at 35oz, and is BPA Free! Making the swap to a refillable bottle from the multiple single use cups at destinations like theme parks and hotels will reduce the amount of waste you produce, and choosing water over the pricey sodas will reduce the expense of beverages on your trip as well! Another great feature about this bottle is that it rolls up and secures in place to save space in your day bag when not in use.

Mobile Boarding Passes/Tickets

Whether it's boarding passes for your flight, train, boat, or attraction tickets, you may find the option to select E-Tickets instead of printed! This is a great way to make a simple swap that can make a big impact! You reduce waste, and help prevent losing your passes this way! Sometimes you may even see an "online discount" or a fun extra perk for choosing online tickets/purchasing!

Metal Straws

Choosing the metal/reusable straw swap is one that will be able to stay with you past your travel days! This pack comes with three collapsable metal straws, six detachable silicone tips, three telescoping cleaning brushes, and three travel tubes. Reduce your waste, reuse the straws after cleaning, and carry them with you in the easy to carry case.

Use Older Luggage

Each trip doesn't need to mean a new set of luggage. Use duffel bags or suitcases from previous trips, borrow from friends or family, or even take a quick trip to your local thrift or consignment store - you may find a piece of luggage with a story! These options will all help with your expense and the footprint of your baggage! Reduce even more and condense your packed items into only a carry-on backpack or duffle!

Travel Coffee Cup

In almost every hotel room you visit you will see a coffee maker and the styrofoam cups. Styrofoam takes a long time ( hundreds of years) for styrofoam to decompose- one really easy way to reduce your waste! Fill up your cup and when you're finished, collapse it down into your day bag. This cup particularly comes in multiple colors and holds up to 12oz. The collapsible cup is made from food-grade silicone and recyclable materials which means no BPA’s, Phthalates, leads or glues.

Keep your Towels & Sheets

You've seen the door hangers and placards in your hotel rooms before, save water - keep your towels! Well, that's a really great option to reduce! I know we've become accustom to fresh towels and sheets every day, but think about it... how often do you change them at home? Depending on the length of your stay, even keeping them every other or every few nights can help greatly!

Reusable Travel Toiletries

Brining along these travel size bottles of your own favorite soaps and lotions can help cut down on waste from the hotel minis, saves space in your luggage from avoiding bringing your full size products, and helps you take along your regular soaps, lotions, sprays, and creams! I know my hair and skin have a rough time with the products at different hotels, so it definitely helps to bring my own!

PROTIP: Disney Resorts have mostly upgraded to wall mounted Shampoo, Conditioner, and body Soaps in the shower.

Refillable Portable Hand Sanitizer

I absolutely love this swap and have already made it myself. Traveling with refillable hand sanitizer bottles is great for keeping up on sanitizing - something we have been drilled into in the last year, and a great habit to maintain though all of your travels. Take it one step further and DIY your own sanitizer in bulk with Rubbing Alcohol, Aloe, and a drop of your favorite essential oil scent!

*Items and Links in this article are affiliate links and I may receive commissions from qualifying purchases from your clickthrough. Thank you for browsing my links and making green swaps for your future travels.

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