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Travel is Fun! Did you know it can be EASY too?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hey traveler! How are you? Ready to get back on the road, in the air, just... out there? ME TOO! 2020 has brought so many hurdles and complications to our daily lives and has sadly brought travel to quite a low. As we move towards a new normal I know many of your are starting to think about your first getaway "post-rona" and here's where I am excited to become a part of your journey!

As your travel agent, you are getting a great value! Not only are my services FREE (yes, I said that word... free) to you, they come with experience and professional skills! I've traveled, I've trained, and I do the research to help you plan the perfect trip. Now, how in the heck is a travel agent free?! Here's how:

When you book your vacation, built into that price is an agent commission; when you don't use an agent that money just goes right back to the booking site (you're paying for a service you just aren't receiving), when you book with an agent that commission gets paid to them!

Here comes the why: Not only are you getting one on one customer services, including: booking your transportation, lodging, entertainment, recreation, dining, and tickets (when needed), you're working with a real person- someone you will build a relationship with! I want to take care of your travel needs for years to come, because my passion is to help create magical memories for people!

So, send me a message and let's get to know each other! How can I help you make the most of your vacation? Where are your dreams leading you?

My Mobile Office, ready to meet you via Zoom, FaceTime, Call, Chat..

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