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Tips to get you "On the Road Again"

Pack the bags, grab the snacks, and turn up the tunes... it's time for a ROAD TRIP!

Growing up in a family that had a love for travel and adventure, but living in a very rural community, meant we took a lot of road trips. We would drive for the short day trips to Cedar Point "America's Rockin' Roller Coast" to the 18 hour drive to sunny Orlando, FL... distance didn't matter, we drove it together! There are so many things to consider when making the decision that driving will be your mode of transportation, and it's really important to make sure you've thought through it all! Here's my tips for a successful road trip!

Make Lists

Imagine it... you get to your destination, unpack, and here it comes "oh my god... I can't believe I forgot X" It happens to everyone... almost every trip. Heck, it happens to me ON THE DAILY! - mom life amiright?! The best defense you have against having to reluctantly ask the front desk, check the cupboards at the bnb, or run to a convenience store, is to make a list when you are packing. Get super detailed! I like to go by category. Toiletries. Clothes. Shoes (yes, it's its own category) . Tech. Snacks. Weather gear. etc..... Think about your activities and what you will need for each one, are you going to eat somewhere nice? Don't forget to take a dress up outfit! Going to a really cool landmark? Make sure you have your camera/strap/selfie stick (yes I'm a fan, okay)! Beach day? Towels, Hat, Sunscreen!

Take your list with you so you can check everything off when you head home!

Optimize your Vehicle Packing

I think we've all had that moment in the car where you're begging someone to "reach back there and grab that" something or other... it doesn't have to be that way! Packing your vehicle up for the long haul can feel a little bit like a game of tetris, but when you do it right, anything you need will be in reach! Pack anything that won't be needed on the road in the back and bottom, anything you may need have within reach of at least one passenger! I recommend having a soft cooler with ice packs (loose ice will become a headache later) or frozen bottles of water for your beverages and a reusable shopping bag for snacks! Make sure you have something to satisfy everyone! If you aren't planning on stopping for food much be sure to include proteins, fats, and carbs! Yogurts, peanut butter and crackers, fruit, and pre-made protein balls make awesome trip snacks- just don't forget a grocery bag for collecting the waste to toss at the next rest stop!

I also recommend everyone having a "carry on" for the car! Have a small bag/purse with your phone charger (and portable power bank), something to read, headphones, and hobby items (for me it's my crochet). Having your own bag of boredom busters will help keep things quiet when it needs to be, and get your mind off of the drive if it's a long one!

Schedule your Stops

I am the biggest advocate for managing and your expectations! This is especially important when you are going to be spending longer stretches of time in a vehicle with people, whether they are family or friends. It's really important to plan your stops based off of needs! The recommended amount of time to drive between stops is 2 hours; taking breaks is super important for your body and your brain! If you are traveling with little ones, make extra sure to stop for eating and drinking- eating in the car is a choking risk for anyone, but especially for children!

If you can, stop at an exit with something to fill multiple needs! I personally like to stop at the designated rest stop locations; they've got it all! There's always bathrooms multiple stalls, food, and most of the time a Starbucks or coffee shop for those of us who need a jolt! Me--always me. I really like that there are typically a few food options and mostly are chain, so you know you will get something you are familiar with.

Rotate your seats/ Drivers

Take advantage of those stops to change up your view! If everyone in the party is able to, change up who is sitting where! This can really break things up and help make sure your body isn't too stagnant! This can be especially helpful in terms of driving! Make sure everyone is covered insurance wise, but rotating drivers will really break up the day!

Pick out some great music!

The perfect road tunes are essential for a fun trip! I found a great way to keep everyone happy is to have everyone pick an even number of songs, and one person makes a playlist from them! This way everyone is going to get music they love, and it's fair! I don't know about you but when I'm not enjoying the music I definitely feel like a party pooper!

Well! There you go, these are some of my top tips for a successful road trip! There are so many places to go out and see, where are you headed next?! Leave me a comment about your favorite roadtrip!

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