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5 Essentials for Travel in 2020

Hey Travelers! Ready to get out of your house and head back into adventure? Traveling in the year 2020 has brought many obstacles and a need for a whole new set of essential travel items. If you've made the decision that travel is in your horizon, here's my list of the top 5 essentials for promoting your health while traveling this year.

1. Hand Sanitizer

Okay y'all it's time to pull out all those cute, personal sized, wearable hand sanitizers packs that we've been hoarding from Bath and Body Works for all these years.. I can't be alone in that right... Handrails, lapbars, and door handles are all surfaces you're likely to come in contact with frequently throughout your vacation and with your wearable hand sanitizer pack you've got peace of mind that you're covered. So, grab those carabiners and wearable handi-bacs and clip them on to your backpack, belt loop, or your fanny pack (I swear they're coming back), because this is THE accessory for 2020.

*Check out this set of refillable personal packs with silicone holders! Fill and refill with your favorite hand sanitizer, sun screen, or lotions for travel size to go! Save $ by refilling from the full size of your favorite products!

2. Wipes

Now, along with keeping your hands germ free, on vacation and really any trip out you are going to run into many high frequency touch surfaces and having your own package of sanitizing wipes on hand will help keep your risk of exposure at a low. This may be something great for us to even include as a regular inclusion for packing must haves!

*Get this set of Honest Company sanitizing wipes that are fragrance free! I love the Honest Company's products. Use these on surfaces or hands --just not baby's bottom lol

3. Ziploc/Resealable Baggies

I've found a few great uses for reusable bags throughout my travels, and with the public health conditions the way they are, there are even more great ways to use this simple item.

First, the way I've always used them: to store my cell phone! This is a great way to keep your phone dry when it rains, on water rides, and now a way to keep from transferring the germs of the day to a surface that regularly touches your face.

Another great way to use your baggies- Storing your remote control in the hotel room! While yes, the housekeeping service is going to sanitize your remote before your arrival, it may be a great additional precaution to have it in a bag to keep off those touch germs!

Mask holder! When you are at your destination, you will be wearing your mask most of the time; but when seated at your dining stops a bag will make a great place to store your mask to avoid it touching the table to pick up or leave behind additional germs!

4. Laundry Bag

This is something that has honestly always been a staple in my luggage; a separate bag specifically for my dirty clothes. I mean, who wants their dirty clothes stinking up the room or luggage? Grab a dryer sheet or drop some of your favorite essential oils on a cloth and set up that bag! Bonus points for 2020: set it near the door and strip down once you get back from your time out and about and head straight to that shower and you can put on your next outfit to head on out for your evening excursion! Maybe this will be a great way for overpackers like myself to actually wear all of those "just in case" outfits we bring along!

*Okay, I absolutely love this travel size laundry bag. Yes, it folds down to fit in your luggage but it really does expand to fit all your dirty clothes! It also has a drawstring closure, to you can just throw it right back in your suitcase at the end of the trip!

5. Extra Masks

Yes, the new addition to our "keys, phone, wallet" checklist to head out the door has now made the travel essentials list as well! You will absolutely want multiple masks on hand, personally I would say multiple each day. Go ahead and pack all your cute, custom made, etsy or local crafter purchased cloth ones, but also be sure to grab a few of the blue medical office looking ones. Also make sure to have a mix of the ones that tie behind your head and the ones that loop behind your ears. You are likely to get tired of something on your ears or tied on your head, so the variety will be welcome halfway through the day! There are also some great ear savers on the market, so be sure to check those out as well!

Where ever you travel, most importantly be sure to check the guidelines for your destination as many have specific directions on what types of masks are acceptable. For example, not all destinations will permit the use of the "gator" style mask, and many will only permit the use of face shields as an addition to the traditional facemask covering.

Travel precautions may feel a little more extensive right now, but I promise we are building some great habits to take along with us in the future.. and some cute new gear! If you like some of the items you see here, click the image and build your cart! *Links are Amazon Affiliate and I may receive a small commission for your purchase.

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